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The Beginning 

In 2016 we started our woodworking journey as we made our first end table.  We wanted a coffee table but thought that may be a bit much for our first project.  After finishing the end table, it turned out better than we could have ever imagined.  The problem was that we really did not need an end table, so we posted it on a Facebook bidding site hoping to get our cost of materials back, and to our surprise we got our money back and much more.  Then people started asking us if we could build this or that, and we have not stopped since.

Our Roles

We joke that DeAnna is charge of quality control and making everything look good, and Rob is the chief builder.  So basically Rob designs and builds the items and DeAnna does all the fine detail working and finishing to make them look good.  

At first we used just basic techniques such as pocket holes and construction grade lumber, but over time we have learned and increased our skills with each build that we make.

The Move

When we first started this journey we lived in Maple Ridge BC, and the woodshop was our 1.5 car garage and when we would work on projects it was like garage tetras moving thing around to do one thing and then having to remove the everything again to do the next task.  So in late 2018 we started thinking maybe we should move to somewhere that we could build our own woodshop.  We could not afford anything in the lower-mainland of BC that had enough property so we started looking in the interior of BC, and then eventually in the Calgary Alberta area, which is where we discovered the Town of Carstairs  Alberta.  We bought a new house and moved here at the end of June of 2019 and build a 1300 sq ft woodshop in our back yard.  We absolutely love it here in Carstairs, and our so happy we made the move from BC to Alberta